We are Ceci Roses,

a luxurious flower boutique with an exclusive style, where elegance and glamor reign. We rely on the strongest Floral Trends.
We emerged due to the passion we feel for flowers, that is our greatest inspiration to reach you day after day and be able to please you.The Founder is Cecilia Sanchez, born in Cuba, here is her faithful servant, her resident in Miami.

  1. Fresh Flower Arrangements, Made in boxes of Various Shapes, (Hearts, Square, and Round) Bouquets adorned with waterproof floral paper and bows.
  2. Arrangements of Preserved Natural Roses that last from one year onwards. Due to the freeze-drying process carried out in countries such as Ecuador and Colombia, they do not need water, they must be away from the sun, and must be kept in air-conditioned rooms, away from high temperatures.
  3. Real Touch Artificial Flower Arrangements to Decorate the Home either indoors or outdoors, To decorate Events or Offices. We import Decorative Trees together with High Quality Stainless Steel Pots.
  4. Funeral arrangements for farewells that are customized by the relatives, delivered to the Funeral Home.

  1. Event Decorations, Weddings, 15 years, Baby Shower, Gender Reveal and Romantic Dinners or Rooms, Beach or Hotels and others.
  2. Personalized Arrangements (Phrases, Names) with Vinyl Designs for Birthday Gifts, Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby Shawer, Gender Reveal and Religious Issues and others.
  3. Fast deliveries of Natural Arrangements to the door of your home, or workplace (Miami Dade and Broward County).
  4. Deliveries of Preserved Rose Arrangements in United States.
  5. Rental of trees for event decorations.

  1. If so, how can I do that?
  2. There is a possibility to change the order before it is executed, or to cancel it. After that, the order is executed without the possibility of change, cancellation or refund.

  1. For a better service we highly recommend you to always specify the delivery time when placing your order. Deliveries are made Monday to Sunday from 09:00AM to 5:00PM (Miami Dade – Broward).
  2. Our company does not assume responsibility for any recriminations of flowers delivered to third parties with the consent of the original recipient. To avoid the situation when you’re not at home and there is no one around to pick the flowers from our courier, we recommend you to always specify the delivery time and put your contact number in the order.